Other Resources

While there are some excellent books out there on how to write an amazing novel, the Internet is also filled with many other helpful resources. All of the websites listed below have proven invaluable in my writing adventures, but keep in mind that they may or may not help you. Why not? Because all writers—including you and me—are different and must forge their own unique styles.

The advice that you read in one website may blatantly contradict another, so if you try to use every trick and tool they recommend, you’re likely to end up with a big mess.  My best advice is to go ahead and experiment. Fiddle around. Tinker. Find what fits comfortably in YOUR mind. Figure out what gets YOUR job done and see what YOU can accomplish with it!

I’ve been following Joanna Penn’s career for several years now and I must admit that she’s taught me a lot about self-publishing. At first glance, her site may seem overwhelming because there’s so much information, but you’ll get used to it if you just focus on one thing at a time.

Jeff Goins is the author of four books, including the national bestseller, The Art of Work (check it out in the Helpful Books section of my website). His blog contains a lot of good resources for Web hosting and design, blogging tools, writing, and much more!

Literature & Latte was founded in 2006 for the sole purpose of creating a tool that aids in the creative process of writing. They developed a software application called Scrivener, which I (and many other authors) use to write books. Don’t forget to check my article about Moving from Word to Scrivener.

Co-founded by Dennis Lehane and Sterling Watson, and co-directed by Les Standiford, Writers in Paradise offers an intensive eight-day experience of workshop classes, roundtables, panel discussions, Q&As, readings, book signings, and receptions with our award winning-faculty and guest speakers. I attended this workshop a few years ago in St. Petersburg, Florida. I had an incredible experience speaking with bestselling authors and it was an honor to have Sterling Watson edit a chapter of my book!