Scrivener Template -> The Write Outline

The Write Outline template was created by Stefan Jaskiel as a free Scrivener resource for aspiring novelists. Writers are encouraged to download the ZIP file and open it in Scrivener. You can type your own text in the Document (center panel) while stepping through the outline to create your novel. You can also add or delete text and folders as you go. The Document Notes (panel to the right) provides more information about each step, if you need help along the way.

While you’re welcome to use this template file by itself, you’ll get more out of it if you use it in conjunction with The Write Outline: Turn Your Novel Idea Into a Reality! book, which is available for purchase from Amazon. This book provides writers with a six-step process for developing a structured outline for a good (maybe even a bestselling) novel.

The current version of this Scrivener template file is Version 1.0, and it was published on June 17, 2017.

Feel free to share this file if you like, but please link back to my website if you do share it… (www.thewritedrive.com). If and when there are any updates, I’ll notify everyone via my blog on this website. Thanks!